Benefits of 3PL Warehouse Management Software 

In order to retain and grow your customer base with any Logistics business, it’s vital that you get deliveries to the door as fast as possible. As a 3PL provider, highly customised and industry developed 3PL (Third Party Logistics) warehouse management software is the ticket to making this mission a long-term success story.

Using 3PL warehouse management software is the ultimate approach to simplifying complex operations. It will support you in decreasing your overall costs and speed up decision making processes, which combined will help to ramp up your revenue.

Better still, you could select a quality 3PL WMS that can seamlessly integrate with other systems as needed including transport management.

Third party logistics management software will benefit you and your customers, no matter what industry they are in, be it wholesale, retail, or manufacturing. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at everything there is to know about 3PL warehouse management software, including the benefits it can offer your operation.

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What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System?

A 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a part of the broader 3PL software, focusing specifically on the management of warehouse operations. This includes tracking inventory levels, managing storage space, and coordinating the picking, packing, and shipping of orders.

The 3PL WMS is designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems such as transport management systems, making it a vital tool for 3PL businesses, as they have both a freight and logistics arm.

By having these systems working together, 3PL businesses can gain a true competitive advantage. They will be able to streamline their operations and provide greater visibility to their clients, while also improving their own efficiency and profitability.

Whether you’re a business owner, operations manager, or IT manager, investing in 3PL software could be a game-changing decision for your business.

What Are the Features of 3PL Software?

3PL software comes with a range of features designed to streamline logistics operations, and help improve Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment and Reporting.

Feature 1: Inventory Management

3PL software allows businesses to track their inventory levels in real time, ensuring that they always have the right amount of stock on hand. It can also help to prevent overstocking or understocking, which can lead to wasted resources and lost sales.

Feature 2: Order Fulfillment

Another important feature 3PL software can help with is order fulfillment. 3PL software can automate the process of picking, packing, and shipping orders. This can significantly increase the speed of order fulfillment, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Software can also include features for transport / freight management, such as route planning, carrier selection, and freight auditing. These features can help to ensure that goods are transported in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Feature 3: Reporting and Analytics

Finally, 3PL software often includes reporting and analytics features. These can provide businesses with valuable insights into their operations, helping them to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

Why Use 3PL Software?

As you can see, 3PL software has a range of features that can help support business operations and client deliverables. Hopefully it’s becoming pretty clear why you would want to use 3PL software, but here are some of the top benefits.

Firstly, 3PL software provides businesses with greater visibility over their operations. With real-time tracking and reporting features, businesses can monitor their inventory levels and order status at all times. This allows them to make informed decisions and quickly respond to any issues that may arise.

It can also significantly increase the speed and efficiency of logistics operations. By automating many of the manual tasks associated with inventory management and order fulfillment, businesses can save time and reduce the risk of errors. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, as orders are delivered accurately and on time.

Lastly, 3PL software is scalable. As a business grows, the software can easily adapt to handle increased volumes of orders and inventory. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Let’s unpack the following benefits of 3PL warehouse management software in closer detail:

  • Benefit 1 – Tracking: Real-Time Visibility
  • Benefit 2 – Billing: Automated Accuracy
  • Benefit 3 – Scalability: Adapt with Ease
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Benefit 1: Tracking: Real-Time Visibility 

By investing in quality 3PL warehouse management software, you will enable your team to have access to any data related to your stock within a few clicks. This data will be up to date to the moment you look at it. 

The 3PL WMS connects to your shipping provider, wherever they are located, so you can have an immediate, real-time view of order status and stock levels from the comfort of your office or while working remotely. 

When combined with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), you have the power to manage your inventory and orders with ease and:

  • access real time data whenever you need it for rapid decision making
  • produce advance shipping notifications to support pick/pack demand
  • remove the additional labour to create customer reports
  • provide secure login details for your clients. 

Customer Satisfaction 

If you can provide the ultimate customer experience as a 3PL provider, you’ll be ahead of the industry pack. Using 3PL WMS enables you to give customers a real-time, accurate delivery report and updates throughout the transit process. 

3PL WMS Software simplifies and streamlines all of your tracking functions, using serial numbers, batch codes, SKUs and parts to accurately provide timely data. As a provider, you’ll also be empowered with all of the details to run complete audits as and when required.

Benefit 2: Billing: Automated Accuracy 

As a 3PL provider, you will know all too well how complicated the billing process can get with a high volume of transactions occurring at any given moment. 

This time-consuming process can frequently lead to errors in house or from shipping companies, which then creates additional administrative labour to clarify and resolve these issues.

By integrating a quality 3PL WMS warehouse software, you can avoid these errors and save time overall for yourself and your shipping providers as the system automatically generates bills against each and every transaction that occurs accurately. 

The automated billing feature of a 3PL WMS warehouse software significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that all transactions are billed correctly. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of financial records, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Additionally, the system’s ability to generate bills automatically allows for a smoother, more efficient billing process, thereby improving relationships with shipping providers and enhancing overall business operations.

Benefit 3: Scalability: Adapt with Ease 

When your operation grows, the 3PL WMS can adapt to meet the latest needs of your business. Want to add new stock, or perhaps new warehouse locations, transport options, and team members joining the ranks? Not a problem.

3PL warehouse management software is as scalable as your business model without compromising on the accuracy or efficiency of its offering. 

Gone are the days of needing to upgrade to new software platforms every time your operation has a growth spurt. Invest in quality 3PL WMS software from the get-go and be reassured it can continue to do the job well for the long haul. 

The scalability of 3PL WMS software also means that it can accommodate the complexities of your expanding business, from managing multiple warehouse locations to handling an increasing variety of stock items. This adaptability ensures that your business can continue to meet customer demands efficiently, even as those demands evolve.

With 3PL WMS software, you’re investing in a solution that grows with you, providing consistent, reliable support no matter how large or complex your operations become. It’s a strategic investment for sustainable growth.

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The Wrap Up Is It Time For Your Business To Invest in 3PL Software? 

If you want to continue to grow and thrive in your industry, arming your business with quality tools is essential. A customised 3PL WMS System is your ticket to real-time tracking, accurate billing, and seamless scalability. 3PL warehouse management software will empower you to satisfy your customers while also boosting the efficiency and productivity of your overall operation.

It isn’t a question of if you should invest in it but when to stay ahead of the competition. 

We Are Here to Help 

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We have leveraged the latest Microsoft technology and harnessed over 30 years of expertise in the warehousing and logistics industry to develop market leading and user-friendly warehouse management software. Our WMS has been purpose built for businesses with warehousing operations of all shapes and sizes. 

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