With the rise of e-commerce, consumers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to getting what they want when they want it and this has created a highly competitive marketplace for retailers. This increase in pressure on retailers has a knock-on effect on wholesalers. As the support industry for retailers, wholesalers need to keep up with technology trends in logistics in order to be the selected supplier in this fast-paced exchange.

The mission for wholesalers is to be the go-to supplier above and beyond the competition. While this isn’t new as such, to remain as the top option, wholesalers need to digitally up their game to stay relevant and ahead of the industry curve. 

In this article we’ll cover some key topics to ensure you’re able to stay competitive in this everchanging landscape, including: 

  • Having a Quality Online Presence
  • Keeping up with Consumer Demand and Expectation
  • Ensuring Seamless Logistics
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Having a Quality Online Presence

Having an online presence as a wholesaler is a must if you want to remain relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace. 

And more so, you need to ensure that your website is mobile optimised and user friendly so you can attract and retain visitors and convert them into clients.

A few statistics to consider:

  • 6.4 billion people are smartphone users worldwide
  • 69% of internet users prefer to research products online (mainly via product reviews) than approach an in-store employee
  • 6 out of 10 shoppers say the option to shop via mobile is an important factor in brand selection.


Tip: Get your wholesale business a mobile optimised website as soon as possible, and ensure it is user tested for the best e-commerce experience.

Keeping Up with Consumer Demand and Expectation

These days, consumers have many options to get what they want, when they want it. Their expectations are high, which puts the pressure on retailers to rise in order to satisfy customers and keep them coming back for more. This ultimately results in retailers’ expectations of wholesalers also increasing. 

Combined, this makes for a highly competitive market for most industries and those who are not up to speed with the latest tech to support their business efforts will really struggle.

Your mission as a wholesaler is to make retailers look amazing. If you can nail this, retailers will be flocking to do business with you.

If you can offer the following to retailers, as your customers, you will stand a better chance of thriving rather than simply surviving (or not at all!):

Superior Online Experience 

In addition to the ideas previously mentioned with your business website, it is also helpful to integrate an online customer service function that operates during your business hours (and beyond if possible).

Take a look at any website of retailers you consider to be at the top of their game and look at what they offer customers via their websites. 

Fast Delivery

Most people wanted their orders last week.

The quicker you can pick, pack, dispatch and deliver goods to customers, the more satisfied they will be and the more likely they’ll return for more.

Integrating a quality WDS and TMS will enable your wholesale business to easily track deliveries and streamline the overall process from online order to final delivery, including electronic proof of delivery.

Top Customer Service

These days, your website and the customer service team are often the first experience many people have with a brand.

Make that first impression count. For the right reasons.

People are often time poor and want to know details as quickly as possible. If your team is equipped with quality warehousing and transport systems, they will be able to perform their tasks with ease. Having one place to view the product availability and status of existing orders and deliveries will enable them to inform potential or current customers on the spot. 

An integrated system will provide you with a 360-degree overview of your entire operation at a moment’s notice, which equals the ability to offer quality customer service.

Transport management system, logistics software

Ensuring Seamless Logistics

Reality is, without strong, high quality logistics software to optimise your business processes, the other details will eventually fall down. 

This is where you need to step up your logistics systems with top shelf solutions. By digitising the back-end of your business operation with the latest software that is tailored for your industry, you will be able to support retailers seamlessly and ultimately become their first-choice supplier.

Let’s check out the following systems that can rapidly elevate your business operations.

Wholesale Distribution Software (WDS)

High quality WDS will handle all aspects of your supply chain and distribution operations in one simple system. Ideally, you want to secure a provider who offers a system that is purpose built for your industry and enables you to manage initial enquiries and procurement decisions, through to warehouse management, managing sales funnels, invoicing, profit and loss reporting and everything in between.  

At Infocomm, we have created exactly this. Benefits of our WDS include:

  • Sales and Purchase Order Management
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Pricing and Contract Management
  • Sales and Purchase Forecasting
  • Complex Bundle Promotion Handling.

Transport Management Software (TMS)

Your wholesale business is missing a trick without taking advantage of all TMS has to offer. Transport Logistics Software will enhance your administrative and operational efficiencies whilst meeting the needs of your customers. Whether you have a few vehicles in one location, or a fleet spread out over the country, you ideally want to get your hands on a system that is simple to use and customised to meet the unique requirements of your business.

At Infocomm, we have created transport software that is built on market leading Microsoft technology and integrates seamlessly with our Proof of Delivery (Sign on glass) solution, giving you peace of mind that we have you covered right down to the last mile of delivery, so you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of our Transport Management System include:

  • Consignment Management
  • Manifest Planning
  • Proof of Delivery (Sign on glass)
  • Flexible Report Writer
  • Profitability Analysis by vehicle, by consignment or by lane
  • Flawless Integration with our leading warehouse management and wholesale distribution software.

Integrated Systems

If you want to take the productivity of your wholesale business to the next level, you should seriously consider moving across to a completely integrated system where you have your Warehouse Management Software, Transport Management Software and Wholesale Distribution System all running on the same platform.

The key benefits of integrating your systems:

  • Streamline your software – see the savings 
  • 360° view of your operation in one place 
  • Automate all of your processes – save time

Our article on the importance of an integrated transport and logistics solution will shed further light on the many powerful benefits of engaging in this approach – but be warned – it will transform your business.

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Wholesale Business?

As you can see, there’s countless reasons for you to embrace digital transformation if you want your wholesale business to thrive in today’s marketplace.

By engaging new methods and approaches you will revolutionise your business and remain competitive and relevant.
As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading logistics software companies, we’re focused on delivering the latest solutions to transform wholesale businesses like yours. Contact our team of experts to find out how you can embrace technology to transform your business.