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Transform Your Logistics Business with Our Wholesale Distribution Software

Our Wholesale Distribution Software handles all aspects of your supply chain and distribution operations in one simple system. At Infocomm we understand the complexities of balancing customer relations with invoicing, Profit & Loss and everything in between.  For this reason, our system enables you to manage initial enquiries and procurement decisions, to warehouse management, to managing sales funnels and customer relations through to invoicing, Profit & Loss Reporting and everything in between. 

Benefits of Our Wholesale Distribution Software

  • Sales and Purchase Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Pricing and Contract Management
  • Sales and Purchase Forecasting
  • Complex Bundle Promotion Handling

30 Years Experience Plus Advanced Technology

We have been supporting the Business 2 Business industry for over 30 years and have combined this experience with some of the most advanced technology to develop one of the most powerful and complete supply chain management solutions. Our Wholesale Distribution Software is fully customised to meet the requirements of your business. Through the implementation process, we’re able to leverage our 30 years of experience to help you find ways to streamline operations, create effective and consistent practices.

Easy Implementation and Ongoing Partnership

Infocomm’s Wholesale Distribution Software is easy to implement as it’s built around your business. We’re proud of our track record in delivering timely and cost effective software implementations as well as providing highly personalised ongoing support. We do this by ensuring the Infocomm consultants that support you through the implementation are also the ones that supports your business for any post implementation requirements. This will ultimately save you even more time and money as you won’t have to explain your custom configuration or requirements to us as we already know exactly how your system was customised and why.


Our Wholesale Distribution Software is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Wholesale Distribution Management Software That is Built Around You

Sales and Purchase Order Management

Infocomm’s Wholesale Distribution Software will enable you to manage the entire sales process between your suppliers and customers from one place and remove the need for double entries. With our Wholesale Distribution Software, you will be able to manage bulk purchase orders as well as easily manage receipt and distribution of full or partial orders over the phone, online, direct sales of EDI. 

Warehouse Management

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is entirely customisable and configurable to meet your specific business needs. It is made for warehouses of all shapes and sizes with unlimited warehouse, zones, areas and bin-locations. It will enable you to increase your stock turnover potential through one of the most comprehensive stock control and management offerings on the market as well as the ability to create rule-based stock control parameters around FIFO, Use by Dates and Temperature Sensitive stock. You will also be able to have a wireless, paperless operation where pickers will have handheld scanners that immediately notify them if they have scanned the wrong item. 

Pricing and Contract Management

Infocomm’s Wholesale Distribution Software was built for sophisticated system operations where we know that two orders are rarely the same. Our software allows you to easily set up complex pricing and contract management rules across your range of suppliers, clients, products and services. This will save you time each order and allow you to accurately fulfill each order with the correct quantities and pricing rules. 

Sales and Purchase Forecasting

Our Wholesale Distribution Software allows you to manage your entire supply chain from one system making your day to day operations simple and efficient.  In addition to this, you will be able to access all the information you need to accurately analyse and forecast your sales and purchase requirements, ensuring you’re able to effectively optimise each stage of your supply chain. 

Complex Bundle Promotion Handling

Infocomm’s Wholesale Distribution Software makes it easy for you to create and manage complex bundle promotions for your business across your diverse range of clients and products. With a real-time view of your stock, orders and individual pricing rules – you will be able to easily build promotions that are profitable and enable you to turnover stock faster. 

Wholesale Distribution Software Functionality

  • Automated, flexible and highly configurable pricing
  • Comprehensive stock control and management
  • Web and EDI file management
  • Paperless RF scanning capability – total paperless environment
  • Rules-based stock control (FIFO, Use by Date and Temperature Sensitive stock)
  • Ability to add modules at any time including:
    • Accounting / Financial Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Sales and Purchase Order Management

Wholesale Distribution Software Benefits

  • Entirely customisable and configurable to your business’ needs
  • Visibility
  • Increase stock turnover potential
  • Accelerate quote-to-cash cycle
  • Powerful pricing
  • Unlimited warehouses, zones, areas and bin-locations
  • Complete sales and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Supplier purchase order management
  • Multiple units of measure & barcode integration
  • Management & KPI reporting abilities

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Our Complimentary Product Solutions

Infocomm’s Wholesale Distribution Software is a powerful solution by itself and made to integrate with any existing software solutions across your business.  However, we have a suite of other products which can be combined to provide a complete end-to-end ERP solution to transform your business operations.

Transport Management

Our Transport Management System is tailor made for transport businesses across truck, rail, sea or car.

Key benefits include:
- Up-to-the-minute accuracy
- Flawless integration
- Consignment Processing Management
- Subcontractor Management
- Fleet Management

Warehouse Management

Infocomm's Warehouse Management System is custom built for warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

Key benefits include:
- Highly cost effective
- Easy to upgrade
- Enables flexible pricing structures
- Customised reporting
- Complete integration

Manufacturing Management

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software is purpose made for businesses across Automotive, Chemicals through to Food.

Key benefits include:
- Cost effective
- Highly customisable reporting
- Manage internal and third-party operations
- Easy to use

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