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In most businesses the Software Vendor and the IT Provider are two separate entities with neither fully understanding the other’s environment. So when issues do arise there can be a lot of finger pointing between these entities as to who owns the problem with you the customer stuck in the middle. With Infocomm this can be a thing of the past as we are also able to offer complete IT Support of your business via our Managed Services offering.

Infocomm’s Managed Services Will Keep Your Business Moving

During our 30+ year history, we’ve come to believe that providing a powerful software solution combined with our Managed IT Services provides peace of mind to our customers knowing their technology is in good hands. That’s why we offer more than software and provide a personalised approach for those customers who need it. For a set monthly fee with no lock in contracts, Our Managed Services will keep your business up and running so you can spend more time focussing on your business. 

Our Managed IT Services Includes:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Backup Management
  • Security and Patch Maintenance
  • IT Support Desk access


Our ERP Software has been developed for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Managed Services Tailored to You

Perfomance Monitoring 

With Infocomm’s Managed Services, we will install software tools on your network that allow us to monitor your servers, firewalls and routers 24/7. We will be instantly alerted to any issues, enabling us to resolve them before you will probably even know about it.

Backup Monitoring

Infocomm will also conduct daily checks to make sure your back ups are working properly. We will also provide monthly back up reports via email so you know everything is under control.

Regular Maintenance and Reviews 

We will complete regular onsite and remote maintenance across your IT systems so you have minimum downtime and are able to focus on your business and maximising your operations.

Unlimited Ongoing Support

With Infocomm’s Managed Services, you will have unlimited phone support where you can pick up the phone and talk to a real person. You will also get ongoing equipment support for your hardware, anti-virus software for all your PC’s and Servers, and email spam filters that provide daily email notifications to individual users.

Our ERP Software has been developed for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Our Software Product Solutions


Infocomm's ERP Software Solutions are Purpose Built for the Transport, Warehousing and Logistics Industry. Each solution is powerful by itself and made to integrate with any existing software solutions across your business.  However, the full suite of products can be combined to provide a powerful complete end-to-end solution to transform your business operations.


Transport Management

Our Transport Management Software is tailor made for transport businesses across truck, rail, sea or car.

Key benefits include:
- Up-to-the-minute accuracy
- Flawless integration
- Consignment Processing Management
- Subcontractor Management
- Fleet Management

Warehouse Management

Infocomm's Warehouse Management Software is custom built for warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

Key benefits include:
- Highly cost effective
- Easy to upgrade
- Enables flexible pricing structures
- Customised reporting
- Complete integration

Wholesale Distribution

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is tailor made for businesses to manage all aspects of their supply chain operations from one place.

Key benefits include:
- Increased sales and cashflow
- Eliminate double handling
- Increased automation
- Easy to implement
- Simple to use

Manufacturing Management

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software is purpose made for businesses across Automotive, Chemicals through to Food.

Key benefits include:
- Cost effective
- Highly customisable reporting
- Manage internal and third-party operations
- Easy to use
- Dynamically modify jobs

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For over 30 years, Infocomm have developed a leading ERP for the Transport, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management that’s easy to use and you can rely on. Our ERP software is market leading and so are our technology services.

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