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Transform Your Manufacturing Business with Our Manufacturing Management Software

Our Manufacturing Management Software will allow you to manage all your production needs in one system from planning and scheduling, processes and operations, through to inventory and tracking. Our software solution caters for simple and complex multi-level Bill of Material types of manufacturing such as assembly through to formulations manufacturing such as mixing in chemicals or food. Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software also allows for entry and forecasting for planning purposes as well as specific features such as inventory control, stocktake capability, dangerous goods and temperature control rules.

Benefits of Our Manufacturing Management Software

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Inventory Management (WMS)
  • Muli-Level Bill of Material
  • Formulations Handling
  • Sales and Purchase Forecasting

30 Years Experience Plus Advanced Technology

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software was created through combining our passion for research and development and interest in bringing leading technology to businesses. Our Manufacturing Management Software is made for and trusted by a range of manufacturers from automotive to chemicals to food with all solutions tailored to your needs to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

Easy Implementation and Ongoing Partnership

Our Manufacturing Management Software is custom built for your business making it extremely easy to implement – but easy implementation is just the start. When you choose Infocomm you get a true partner who will be able to harness and share over 30 years of experience in the industry to ensure your business is transformed through the software itself and our ability to help identify opportunities to fine-tune processes and improve efficiencies.  You’ll also be happy to know that the Infocomm consultants that drive the implementation will also be the ones that provides the ongoing support to you and your business. 

Our Manufacturing Management Software is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

A Manufacturing Management Software That is Built Around You

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software has one of the most sophisticated Material Requirements Planning modules giving you insights into the movement of your inventory and enable you to optimise your inventory levels. You will be able to quickly and easily see what has to be delivered, what’s required to manufacture it, what you have available, as well as what you’ll need to order and when. You will then be able to easily convert orders into manufacturing advice into Manufacturing Orders and Purchase Orders (POs).

Inventory Management (WMS)

Our Manufacturing Management Software seamlessly integrates into our Warehouse Management Software (WMS), giving you clear line of sight to your inventory levels as well as the ability to automate and optimise your manufacturing process. Our system gives you real-time inventory information, enabling you to hold optimum stock levels, increase your cashflow, efficiency and delivery reliability.

Multi-Level Bill of Material

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software allows you to easily create complex Multi-Level Bill of Materials (BOM) through simple drag and drop functionality and the ability to copy and create new Bill of Materials and routings from existing entries. This will enable you to constantly streamline and optimise your manufacturing process and stock on hand. This power and functionality makes our software suitable for complex manufacturing operations across assembly through to formulations manufacturing.

Formulations Handling

Our Manufacturing Management Software is suitable for food and chemical manufacturing with the ability to scale up formulations and still give you complete visibility over individual and combined inputs, as well as overall profitability as output volumes change. You will be able to effectively manage various units of measurements across liquid and dry weight, through to combined weights at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Sales and Purchase Forecasting

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software enables you to manage sales and purchase forecasting for complex manufacturing processes. You will be able to prepare realistic sales, purchase and production forecasts so you can effectively calculate your material requirements and negotiate commercial agreements with suppliers and third party work centres.

Manufacturing Management Software Functionality

  • Full tracking and reporting of inventory
  • Quoting
  • Customer specific pricing and invoicing
  • Central or remote (web) sales order processing capabilities that can be linked to other applications
  • Sales Reporting
  • Order Entry
  • Highly configurable reports
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Reports and printing of standard documents can be provided in multiple languages
  • Local and Overseas Purchasing
  • Real-time Multi-Lingual allows users to operate in multiple countries and in their own language
  • Standard and user defined barcoding and other identification types
  • Optional device integration for scanners, barcoders and other add-ons
  • Export to Excel and other formats.
  • EDI interface

Manufacturing Management Software Features

  • Assembly or full component production support
  • Formulations based production support
  • Estimating, Forecasting and Job Costing
  • Production Control
  • Simple Bill of Materials or complex down to multi-levels
  • Fully graphical interface for Bill of Materials
  • Simple Drag & Drop facilities to create and maintain Bill of Materials
  • Easily copy and create new Bill of Materials and routings from existing entries
  • Ability to hold alternate Bill of Materials and routings for a product
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Analysis tools provided for data Job control and shop floor management
  • Tracking of Jobs through in-house and external (third-party) work centres
  • Ability to modify jobs dynamically

Our Manufacturing Management Software is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Our Complimentary Product Solutions

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software is a powerful solution by itself and made to integrate with any existing software solutions across your business.  However, we have a suite of other products which can be combined to provide a complete end-to-end solution to transform your business operations.

Transport Management

Our Transport Management System is tailor made for transport businesses across truck, rail, sea or car.

Key benefits include:
- Up-to-the-minute accuracy
- Flawless integration
- Consignment Processing Management
- Subcontractor Management
- Fleet Management

Warehouse Management

Infocomm's Warehouse Management System is custom built for warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

Key benefits include:
- Highly cost effective
- Easy to upgrade
- Enables flexible pricing structures
- Customised reporting
- Complete integration

Wholesale Distribution

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is tailor made for businesses to manage all aspects of their supply chain operations from one place.

Key benefits include:
- Increased sales and cashflow
- Eliminate double handling
- Increased automation
- Easy to implement
- Simple to use

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