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Transform Your Logistics Business with Our Transport Management Software

Infocomm’s Transport Software will generate real competitive advantages for your business. We focus on maximising efficiencies through a single company-wide solution for your supply chain by connecting you, your client and their customers.

Whether you have a few vehicles in one location, or a fleet spread out over the country, our Transport Software is fully customisable, simple to use and tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our transport software is built on market leading Microsoft technology and integrates seamlessly with our Proof of Delivery (Sign on glass) solution, giving you peace of mind that we have you covered right down to the last mile of delivery, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Benefits of Our Transport Management System


Consignment Management


Manifest Planning


Proof of Delivery (Sign on Glass)


Flexible Report Writer


Profitability Analysis by Vehicle, Consignment or Lane


Flawless Integration with our Leading Warehouse Management System

Profitable Distribution Management

Logistics Software, Transport SoftwareThe more efficiently you move goods from your warehouse to your customer, and the easier your paperwork matches, the more profitable your sales will be.

You can improve efficiency by optimising movements, reducing paper-based and manual processes, and having the information you need collected at the source, available at your fingertips, allowing you to make smart business decisions.

Distribution is all about efficiency and making the information you need available in real-time at your fingertips.

Efficiencies That Streamline Your Business

Productivity benefits include:

  • Increased efficiencies due to scanning and mobile technologies
  • Reduction and removal of manual processes
  • Human errors are virtually eliminated
  • Smarter business decisions based on real-time information
  • Integration with partners via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reduces bottlenecks in the flow of information
  • Streamlined operations through customised workflows
  • Optimise your business’s performance

Approach Mobility Holistically

Applying mobility across all aspects of your organisation is the key to unlocking all of the power of an ERP system. The ability to capture and view real-time data from almost any location is revolutionising the transport and logistics industry.

By mobilising your system and equipping staff you are able to remove manual and paper-based processes, speed the capture of data and share information faster. This leads to greater efficiency, accuracy and visibility across your organisation. Forward thinking organisations with access to these tools are able to make better-informed business decisions, optimise processes and have more agility in the market.

Optimised Manifest and Freight Planning

Effective manifest planning is critical for every logistics operator. It is vital to maximise load efficiencies while also ensuring there is sufficient haulage capacity to meet client demands. Our Transport Management Software offers an array of powerful capabilities which assist staff in planning even the most complex jobs from pick-ups, local distribution, line-haul or point-to-point distribution.

Information in the system can be filtered to assist in focusing on each individual planning task. Tools help with load optimisation by continually monitoring the size and weight of loads as they are being built. In aiming to get the process down to ‘plan by exception’, the software can automatically populate a manifest which can then be amended if required. Covering both plan-to-run and plan-to-route options, the system can also readily deal with multi-legging and multi-drivers.

Visual Scheduling and Route Optimisation

Planning the optimum drive times and delivery sequences can be a time-consuming and inefficient practice. Route optimisation allows you to quickly plan deliveries while taking into account the most efficient routes, avoiding any detours and taking into account satellite captured historical traffic data while factoring in your customers’ delivery requirements.

Our solutions help you to reduce the cost per kilometre across your fleet and keep an eye on routes, while reducing the man hours required to manage the entire process.

Pallets Are The Hidden Cost In Transport

One of the hidden costs in supply chain management is the pallet. However, through accurate tracking, this cost can be significantly reduced.

For this reason, our Transportation Management System offers a powerful electronic pallet management feature which tracks the number and type of pallets that are dispatched with each load. By tracking pallets as they move through the supply chain, using PDA scanners and barcodes, operators can easily determine their location and who should be charged for their usage.

Smarter Charging and Billing Engine

In any business, no two clients are exactly alike. For this reason, our TMS incorporates a sophisticated charging and billing engine that treats every client as an individual.

Granular control allows users to create price lists for each client which can be changed as required. If/then statements and sophisticated algorithms cater for complex jobs which could include multiple legs, different contractors and different types of transport.

Bulk updates to price lists can be completed quickly and easily while existing rate cards can be copied and tweaked to match the needs of new clients. Our transport software takes the hassle out of customer pricing and billing.

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30 Year’s Experience Plus Advanced Technology

We have combined over 30 years of experience supporting the logistics industry, with the most advanced Microsoft tools to build our TMS.

Our Transport Software was built around your industry and is still highly customisable to meet your specific business, technology and customer requirements.

Easy Implementation and Ongoing Partnership

Unlike our competitors, we see the implementation as the start of the relationship – not the destination. 

We’ll make implementation easy so you can benefit from the clearer streamlined operations sooner. We’ll also make sure your Infocomm consulting team for the implementation of the TMS is the same consultant team providing you and your business ongoing support.

Transport Management System Modules Built Around You

Our Transport Management Software is tailor made for transport and distribution businesses across:

  • Road
    • Interstate
    • Intrastate
    • Local
  • Rail

This is why the level of customisation and flexibility is next to none!

You will be able to automate pricing rules for rack rates through to customer specific rates. You can also easily track progress and view the history for date and time ranges down to a customer level. Additionally, you can consolidate invoices by customer or split large consignments over more than one manifest.

Ultimately, it improves productivity and boosts profitability.

Your delivery process is streamlined through advanced manifest distribution tools and drop sequencing features, ensuring trucks are always properly loaded for each new run. The suite can also automatically generate manifests, manage load packing through paperless scanning, and arrange runs based on route codes for maximum efficiency.


Easily simplify and automate your otherwise complex and labour intensive transport movements with our completely standalone or fully integrated transport management system. This is possibly the most comprehensive Australian made transport management systems on the market today. With an abundance of enterprise-class features our TMS System has best-of-breed design and functionality that simplifies and streamlines all areas of operations, gaining efficiency and driving productivity.

Features include:

  • Consignment management
  • Returns and redirects management
  • Local, line-haul and in-to-store distribution
  • Multi-drop, two-up and driver changeover
  • Fleet, driver, route allocation and multi-leg scheduling
  • Dynamic job allocation planning screen
  • Container and equipment management
  • Item level tracking with end-to-end scanning
  •  Scan-to-load, depot-scan, audit-scan
  • Real-time POD capture, sign-on-glass
  • Connote imaging and document management
  • Electronic pallet management
  • Highly automated workflow processes
  • Automated rating, costing and extra charges
  • Subcontractor and driver management
  • Fleet management including fuel imports
  • Consignment invoice generation
  • Debtor management


Designed specifically for third-party warehousing, transport and logistics industries, our financial modules are where all operational transactions come together as one seamless flow of real-time information.

Current and accurate information at your fingertips will provide greater financial control, with deeper visibility of all operational areas, enabling you to better manage costs and drive profitability.

Our financial module comes with numerous out-of-the-box reports and with its inbuilt report generation tool for P&L and balance sheets, you can template as many profit reports as you like, in as much granular detail as required. ed to be easily customisable and can be configured to your specific needs.

Features include:

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • BAS, bank reconciliation and distributions
  • Cash and profit centre accounting
  • Operations cost management
  • Payment and liquidity management
  • Consolidated multi-company and EOM reporting
  • Reporting by division, location, cost centre and GL budgets


Fully automate and manage the transfer of information that flows between you, your client and your customer with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) engine and visual mapping tool.

We are EDI specialists with over 10 years’ experience in EDI mapping, configuring and coding date interchange workflows from one system to another.

EDI is the preferred business practice of the majority of customers and service providers alike. Isn’t it time you joined the connected supply chain.

Features include:

  •  Acknowledgements and file error management
  • Trigger alerts and email and SMS status updates
  • Confirmations at each operational status (XML, CSV, FTP, email)


Our online portal provides an immediate win-win situation for both you and your customer. It’s a 24-hour self-serve portal designed to enable and empower customers to help themselves.

While for you this means a significant reduction in labour-intensive activities, thereby reducing overheads and costs. This should be an integral part of any organisation’s cost management strategy.

Features include:

  • Directly connected to our Transport Software
  • Enter TMS pickup and delivery orders and WMS stock and customer orders
  • View and print historical transactions and documents
  • Print labels, consignment and WMS order paperwork
  • Security controlled at customer level by you


Empowering workers with mobile computers and capturing data at the source of the activity is extremely appealing for a range of activities. In transport the most common application is electronic job despatch to the drivers’ handheld device, however more and more companies are realising the power of implementing mobile and scanning solutions across the organisation.

At Infocomm we take a holistic view of scanning and mobile solutions to maximise productivity, accuracy and visibility across your entire organisation.

Key features include:

  • Electronic job despatch, auto status updates
  • Driver pickup, delivery and signature capture
  • Driver pallet management
  • Despatch, cross-dock, bulk scan-to-run
  • Depot scanning and distribution management
  • Email, SMS triggers, alerts and updates


The accuracy of RF scanning has revolutionised the modern warehouse by ensuring the right product, in the right quantities, for the right destination processed in real-time with up-to-the-minute data flow directly to your business system. We offer complete paperless warehousing operations from inbound scanning to scan-to-load and everything in-between. Introducing scanning to your organisation will deliver fast returns on initial capital investment and provide on-going dividends for many years to come.

Key features include:

  • Configurable pick-routines and put-away algorithms
  • Batch and serial tracking
  • Rules-based workflow management
  • Rolling stocktake and replenishment routines

Fleet Management

Our repairs and maintenance system is used to manage the in-house servicing and maintenance requirements of your fleet even more effectively including plant, vehicles and equipment due for scheduled servicing.

The module can be utilised to support the real-time capture and consolidation of labour time, tasks and jobs with actual versus budgeted hours and overheads. Integrated to the ledger accounts of financial modules for cost accounting, and purchasing modules for ordering and tracking details of any offsite service requirements and any spare parts on order.

Features include:

  • Workshop management and job costing
  • Inventory control system
  • Purchase order management
  • Job scheduling and planning
  • Services due listing


Introducing a modern professional reporting tools like Infocomm’s, means you can create powerful, richly formatted, dynamic reports from virtually any data source from any area of operations. You can add conditional formulas to drive different actions and tasks, and once the build is complete, you choose how you want it presented and delivered.

Unlike other stand along reporting tools, our software integrates with the rest of your system, you don’t never need to map the data fields from your database to your reporting tool. Take a more informed look at your business through our reporting software.

Features include:

  • Generate reports directly from the database
  • Schedule recurring reports to specific email addresses at specific times
  • Add conditional formula to drive “if-then-else” instructions
  • Presentation layer design via native WYSIWYG interface


Purchase order management when tightly integrated to all relevant areas of operations, including workshop, financial and warehousing, means users can generate purchase orders specific to their needs, email the supplier from within and request manager sign-off should there be any authorisation needed. On arrival warehouse receive the goods, matching invoice to purchase order and the accounting package updates cost price accordingly, amortising any additional charges across the purchase order line items.

Features include:

  • Purchase and forecast orders
  • Semi-automated stock replenishment
  • Integrated workshop and financials
  • Invoice against purchase order receipt
  • Cost control and supplier price matrix
  • Reports including KPI


Manage and track the location, quantity, condition and depreciation status of your assets easily and effectively with asset management software. When integrated with our financial modules, the asset register becomes an integral part of your business system giving you full visibility of your company’s assets at an instant, enabling faster more informed decisions about managing them.

Features include:

  • Asset register
  • Disposal process
  • Depreciation Book
  • Tax Value – by category, location, department
  • GL location reporting
  • Automatically post depreciation figures
  • Asset Value Reporting


This module is an important extension to our TMS and WMS as it centralises communications between operations, administration, accounts, management and included subcontractors.

Most commonly used as a contact management system to improve internal communication flows, leading to higher service levels and therefore greater customer satisfaction.

Our CRM allows direct input at TMS order level and back flush notes and attachments back into the CRM to the assigned person.

Features include:

  • Notes and issues registering
  • Management tools and reporting
  • New opportunity management
  • Recurring Email templates
  • Document management

Our Complimentary Product Solutions

Infocomm’s Transport Management Software is a powerful solution by itself and made to integrate with any existing software solutions across your business.  However, we have a suite of other transport software products which can be combined to provide a complete end-to-end solution to transform your business operations.

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management

Infocomm's Warehouse Management System is custom built for warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

Key benefits include:
- Highly cost effective
- Easy to upgrade
- Enables flexible pricing structures
- Customised reporting
- Complete integration

Top WMS System, WMS System

Wholesale Distribution

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is tailor made for businesses to manage all aspects of their supply chain operations from one place.

Key benefits include:
- Increased sales and cashflow
- Eliminate double handling
- Increased automation
- Easy to implement
- Simple to use

Manufacturing Management

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software is purpose made for businesses across Automotive, Chemicals through to Food.

Key benefits include:
- Cost effective
- Highly customisable reporting
- Manage internal and third-party operations
- Easy to use

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For over 30 years, Infocomm have developed a leading Transport Management System (TMS) that’s easy to use and you can rely on.

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