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Transform Your Logistics Business with Our Transport Management Software

Infocomm’s Transport Software will enhance your administrative and operational efficiencies whilst meeting the needs of your customers. Whether you have a few vehicles in one location, or a fleet spread out over the country, our Transport Management Software is fully customisable, simple to use and tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.  Our transport software is built on market leading Microsoft technology and integrates seamlessly with our Proof of Delivery (Sign on glass) solution, giving you peace of mind that we have you covered right down to the last mile of delivery, so you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of Our Transport Management System

  • Consignment Management
  • Manifest Planning
  • Proof of Delivery (Sign on glass)
  • Flexible Report Writer
  • Profitability Analysis by vehicle, by consignment or by lane
  • Flawless Integration with our Leading Warehouse Management System

30 Years Experience Plus Advanced Technology

We have combined over 30 years of experience supporting the logistics industry, with the most advanced Microsoft tools to build our TMS. Our Transport Management Software was built around your industry and is still highly customisable to meet your specific business, technology and customer requirements.

Easy Implementation and Ongoing Partnership

Unlike our competitors, we see the implementation as the start of the relationship – not the destination.  We’ll make implementation easy so you can benefit from the clearer streamlined operations sooner – but we’ll also make sure your Infocomm consulting team for the implementation of the TMS is the same consultant team providing you and your business ongoing support.

Our Transport Management System is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Transport Management Software That is Built Around You

Consignment Management

Our Transport Management Software is tailor made for transport businesses across truck, rail, sea or car.  This is why the level of customisation and flexibility is higher than any of our competitors and really easy to do!  You will be able to automate pricing rules for rack rates through to customer specific rates. You can also easily track progress and view the history for date and time ranges down to a customer level. Additionally, you can consolidate invoices by customer or split large consignments over more than one manifest.

Manifest Planning

Infocomm’s TMS allows you to easily manage your manifest planning as we’ve leveraged our years of experience to give you complete data for delivery run planning, distribution scheduling, fleet allocation and execution of consignment pick-ups/bookings, deliveries, book-in’s and returns for line-haul, interstate and local movements. You will have complete and up to date information on subcontractor and fleet vehicles, as well as simple ‘Drag and Drop’ features for putting consignments onto manifests. Our Transport Software can also automatically allocate jobs/consignments to delivery runs/manifests freeing your planners time up.

Proof of Delivery (Sign on Glass)

Our Transport Management Software seamlessly integrates with our Sign on Glass Technology because unlike our competitors – we developed both the ERP software and the delivery application fully in-house.  Your drivers and managers no longer need to worry about feeds dropping out or technology not talking to each other which can save significant amounts of time and energy. The benefits of a fully integrated in-house built Proof of Delivery (PODs) / Sign on Glass app include that pickup and delivery job updates are instantaneous back in the main ERP system while also providing the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a problem then there is only one software supplier you need to contact and deal with.

Report Writer

Custom reporting has been completely redefined through our Data Wizard Report Writer module in our Transport Management Software. You will be able to create your own screens and menus to put the information and reports you want to see at your fingertips. In addition to this, you will be able to build custom reports with your own report writer tool that you can then schedule and send to internal and external stakeholders on weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals.  This will give everyone the information they need to make informed decisions without any extra effort.

Profitability Analysis

Our Transport Management Software tracks and stores information on all the work performed by your vehicles that can not only tell you what you’ve done in the past, but can now help you understand what can be done to make your business more profitable.  From a financial perspective, you already know how much revenue you generate each month and quarter, but do you know which routes are the most profitable and do you know which truck is making, or costing you the most money?  With our Profitability Analysis Module – you’ll be able to see which jobs are most profitable, which routes/lanes two of your trucks traveling from Melbourne to Sydney are either making or losing you money depending on the route they take.

Transport Management System Features

  • Handles Bookings, Consignment Quotes and Consignments
  • Local and Linehaul Manifest Planning
  • Fleet management
  • Service Workshop
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Flexible Rates / Pricing
  • Item level traceability
  • Depot scanning
  • End-to-end mobility solution
  • Sign on Glass – Proof of Delivery
  • EDI
  • Customer web portal
  • Powerful Report Writer with scheduling of reports
  • Dangerous Goods

Transport Management Software Benefits

  • Reduce freight expenses
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Many automated processes to truly allow you to Manage by Exception
  • Ease of Use with all info at your finger tips
  • Integrates seamlessly with other ICS modules
  • Profitability of your trucks, routes and jobs
  • Transparency for your customers / Track and Trace in real time
  • Automatic alerts to customers for job updates
  • Powerful yet simple to use Pricing / Rating Engine to handle your unique needs
  • Integration with Barcode Scanners, GPS Tracking Systems and other add-ons
  • Integration with advanced route optimisation software
  • Software that enables you to grow your business


Our Transport Management System is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatics cost savings

Our Complimentary Product Solutions

Infocomm’s Transport Management Software is a powerful solution by itself and made to integrate with any existing software solutions across your business.  However, we have a suite of other transport software products which can be combined to provide a complete end-to-end solution to transform your business operations.

warehouse management system, wms

Warehouse Management

Infocomm's Warehouse Management System is custom built for warehouses of all shapes and sizes.

Key benefits include:
- Highly cost effective
- Easy to upgrade
- Enables flexible pricing structures
- Customised reporting
- Complete integration

transport and warehouse management software

Wholesale Distribution

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is tailor made for businesses to manage all aspects of their supply chain operations from one place.

Key benefits include:
- Increased sales and cashflow
- Eliminate double handling
- Increased automation
- Easy to implement
- Simple to use

Manufacturing Management

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software is purpose made for businesses across Automotive, Chemicals through to Food.

Key benefits include:
- Cost effective
- Highly customisable reporting
- Manage internal and third-party operations
- Easy to use

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