These days, an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) systems are more commonplace and rapidly replacing the old school paper and pen arrangement. If you aren’t already using an electronic proof of delivery system, we highly recommend you consider doing so to reap the benefits it has to offer. We’ll cover some of these in a moment. For those businesses already using electronic proof of delivery, it is worth investigating the effectiveness of the backend systems, like your transportation management system, that is powering it.  

While electronic proof of delivery processes have become more widespread, the adoption of high quality, customised logistics software and transportation management system that sits behind is still overlooked by many companies. Ultimately, using software that isn’t purpose built for your industry and the specifics of your business can have massive impacts on productivity, efficiency and budgets. In this post we’ll cover: 

  • Electronic proof of delivery – top benefits 
  • Software: why customised software is King 
  • The problem with ‘one size fits all’ software. 

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Electronic proof of delivery system – top benefits 

For those who are still to make the switch to electronic proof of delivery – here are 3 of the top benefits. 

Benefit 1: Better customer experience 

Your company can appear to be a bit ‘behind the times’ if your delivery driver shows up with a clipboard and pen. With electronic proof of delivery, less of your customers’ time is taken up and once signed, your system can generate an automated receipt showing that the delivery has been made, which can then be sent to the customer via email and/or text message. This is great from a customer perspective as they have a record of the initial order and the delivery on file within a matter of moments, and less administrative effort for your office operations. 

Benefit 2: Streamlines the delivery process 

Drivers, delivery teams and administration staff don’t have to deal with paperwork and manual data entry when you have a proof of delivery system. The risk of losing important information, including proof of delivery documentation is also eliminated. This makes everyone’s jobs easier and overall more efficient.  

The electric system can record the date and time of the delivery and can include a photo of the package at the final destination and can inform the transport team of the process being completed, all in real time. 

Benefit 3: Real-time data access 

When using an electric proof of delivery device, your delivery teams are collecting data on the spot, which syncs in with your core TMS Software in real time. This rapid data collection will speed up the process of generating invoices, resolving any customer problems down the line and if necessary, assist with arranging spare or replacement parts and rescheduling deliveries.  

transport software, proof of delivery system

Software: why customised is King 

So you’ve implemented electronic proof of delivery into your logistic process set-up – fantastic. But how efficient is your logistics software and transport management system software

It pays to be aware that your electronic processes, such as sign on delivery, will only be as useful and effective to your overall business as the transport and warehouse software that sit behind them. Broadly speaking, logistics software options on the market tend to fall into two basic categories: ‘one size fits all’ or ‘made to measure’: 

Category 1: The problem with ‘one size fits all’  

Many ‘packaged’ logistics software options present standard solutions for common industry challenges and are rammed with a host of features. These may seem like appealing factors from the outset, however time often shows that you aren’t going to be utilising much of the bells and whistles it boasts (but you’ll still be paying for them) and some (or many) of your more specific business needs won’t even be catered for. 

Category 2: Made to measure – the way to go 

The bottom line: you’ll greatly benefit from having logistics software and a transportation management system in place that is tailored to support your unique business needs. You’ll reduce costs across the business, increase productivity and boost both customer and employee experience.  

Better still, implement software that has both your warehouse management system and transport management system integrated onto the same platform. This will eliminate double handling as your team will no longer have to enter jobs into two systems or transfer information from one system to another, amongst many other benefits of an integrated transport and warehouse software.  

A customised transportation management system or logistics software can be literally be built around the specifics of your business needs and can feature everything from sign on glass – proof of delivery and fleet management, through to handling bookings, consignment quotes and subcontractor management.  

There’s also the fact that customised software is highly adaptable and can easily grow with your business. 

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Transform your business today 

If you’re ready to make the transition to electronic proof of delivery for your business, or want to upgrade to a logistics software system that has the ability to integrate your warehouse and transportation systems onto one platform, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Infocomm

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