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Our WMS was purpose built for your industry
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Transform Your Warehouse Business with Our Warehouse Management Software

Infocomm has one of the most advanced Warehouse Management Software solutions that allows automation and integration across every level. At Infocomm, we understand that warehousing operations can be big or small. That’s why our warehouse management software is easy to use, fully customisable and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Our user-friendly software incorporates all modern warehouse management practices including cross-docking, auto put-aways, real-time stocktakes, dangerous goods and temperature control zones.

Benefits of Our Warehouse Management System

  • Flexible Pricing Structures
  • Highly Configurable Reporting
  • Customer Web Portals
  • Seamless Integration and Automation with TMS
  • Automated Customer Notifications / Alerts

30 Years Experience Plus Advanced Technology

Infocomm have leveraged the latest Microsoft technology and harnessed over 30 years of expertise in the warehousing and logistics industry to develop a market leading and user-friendly Warehouse Management Software. Our WMS has been purpose built for businesses with warehousing operations of all shapes and sizes.

Easy Implementation and Ongoing Partnership

We pride ourselves on timely, cost effective and informative implementations – but that’s only the beginning.  Whilst our WMS has been specifically built for businesses’ warehousing operations – we also know that there are no two businesses with the same requirements. For this reason – we ensure the Infocomm consultants that help customise the Warehouse Management System for your business, are the same ones that manage the implementation as well as supports you and your business post implementation. 

Our Warehouse Management System is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with guaranteed dramatic cost savings

Warehouse Management System That is Built Around You

Flexible Pricing Structures

Our Warehouse Management Software was built solely for warehouse operations. Through working with warehousing businesses of all shapes and sizes for more than 30 years – we know how many variables there can be when it comes to pricing from both a service and storage perspective.  Our Pricing Engine accounts for more variables than any of our competitors – but more importantly it’s easy to configure.  With our WMS you will be able to easily set pricing rules for services such as shrink wrapping or kitting down to the customer level, and easily add or take them off with a click of the button. We make pricing easy and flexible so you can maximise your resources, reduce errors, and ensure your customers are being accurately invoiced.

Highly Configurable Reporting

Customised Reporting is taken to another level with our Warehouse Management System where you will be able to build customised reports that cut across almost every dimension in your warehouse operation enabling you to easily conduct revenue and KPI analysis.  All our reports are can then be exported to Excel and other applications. Standard and customised reports can then be scheduled for regular delivery to further maximise your resources and minimise the time required to understand your warehouse operations.

Customer Web Portals

Our Warehouse Management Software has the most detailed, reliable and easy to use Customer Web Portals for your Contract Warehousing clients. Your clients will be able to easily view their inventory levels, orders and invoices in real time. They can also manage their own Sender / Receivers list hence removing the need for your customer service to be involved. By making our customer portals easy to use and access detailed information, they will not only find it easier to work with you, but also reduce the need to contact you for support which further maximises your resources.

Seamless Integration and Automation with TMS

The integration between our Warehouse Management Software and Transport Management System is flawless.  From a daily operation perspective, this will allow you to start identifying and planning which truck in your fleet should be scheduled for the delivery as soon as the order is placed in the warehouse. This enables you to maximise the utilisation of your fleet, move stock out of the warehouse as quickly as possible and reduce the time stock sits idle in despatch zones.

Automated Customer Notifications

Our Warehouse Management Software can also trigger notifications to your customers through an automatic messaging system. This will allow end customers to receive up to the minute information of when their order has been received, picked, packed and dispatched. When integrated with our Transport Management Software, message delivery can be automated from when the order is placed in the warehouse through to when the vehicle is on it’s way to them.

Warehouse Management Software Functionality

  • Contract Warehousing (3PL – Third Party Logistics)
  • Multiple Warehouses & Bin Locations
  • Dangerous Goods & Temperature Zones
  • Customer Order Despatch & Stock Receipts
  • Storage & Warehouse Services Invoicing
  • Batch & Serial Number Tracking
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Flexible Pricing Structures
  • Configurable Reporting

Warehouse Management Software Benefits

  • Optimises your processes
  • Boosts Efficiency and Productivity of staff
  • Significantly increases customer Satisfaction and Service
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Efficient Inventory accuracy
  • Transparency and Visibility
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Significantly reduced picking errors
  • Full integration with TMS and other Infocomm software modules
  • Many automated processes to truly allow you to Manage by Exception


Our Warehouse Management Software is purpose built for your industry

Contact us to transform your business with dramatic cost savings

Our Complimentary Product Solutions

Infocomm’s Warehouse Management Software is a powerful solution by itself and made to integrate with any existing software solutions across your business.  However, we have a suite of other products which can be combined to provide a complete end-to-end solution to transform your business operations.

transport management system, tms

Transport Management

Our Transport Management System is tailor made for transport businesses across truck, rail, sea or car.

Key benefits include:
- Up-to-the-minute accuracy
- Flawless integration
- Consignment Processing Management
- Subcontractor Management
- Fleet Management

warehouse management system, wms

Wholesale Distribution

Our Wholesale Distribution Software is tailor made for businesses to manage all aspects of their supply chain operations from one place.

Key benefits include:
- Increased sales and cashflow
- Eliminate double handling
- Increased automation
- Easy to implement
- Simple to use

transport and warehouse software, wms

Manufacturing Management

Infocomm’s Manufacturing Management Software is purpose made for businesses across Automotive, Chemicals through to Food.

Key benefits include:
- Cost effective
- Highly customisable reporting
- Manage internal and third-party operations
- Easy to use

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For over 30 years, Infocomm have developed a leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) that’s easy to use and you can rely on.

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