More and more businesses are being impacted by supply chain disruption, particularly in the wake of global pandemics, amongst other catalysts. Whatever the reason, be it a tech malfunction, natural disaster or anything in between, you need to be aware of how your business can be impacted and more importantly how to navigate disruptions if and when they do occur.

Whilst we’ve always known this, it’s become abundantly clear how vital supply chains are in ensuring the ongoing success of businesses across every industry. When supply chains come up against challenges, any vulnerabilities can be exposed and potentially be destructive to the bottom line of the business.

We’ve rounded up the top three ways you can bolster your business to prepare for supply chain disruption and appropriately handle any challenge that comes your way.

  1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure
  2. Have A 360 Degree View
  3. Enable Effective Collaboration
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Tip 1: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

“Be prepared” – Not just a Scouts motto, but the wisest approach to protecting your supply chain. You may be right in the thick of it now – but don’t wait for another disaster to hit before putting measures into place. To enable your business to adequately navigate any disruption, it is much better to have robust processes and systems from the outset that are better able to tolerate changes anywhere along the supply chain.

Logistics software has become a necessary tool for any company operating on a national or global stage because it helps them stay connected with their business partners while ensuring they don’t miss out on important information. Transport Software also provides valuable insight into key metrics which offer insights about potential operational impacts such as driver, vehicle and item availability, fleet service requirements and more.

Digitised & Integrated Systems

There is a strong argument for having all of your logistics systems operating from one platform. One of the many benefits of taking this approach is that your data is seamlessly integrated and systems can communicate effectively with each other. 

You will save time and money in the long run by making this shift and when it comes to mitigating service disruption, you will be a step ahead logistically by having all of your reporting, budgeting and forecasting digitised on the same platform.

Logistics Software Specialists

With over 30 year’s experience in transport and warehouse logistics software creation and management, Infocomm is well placed to provide and support businesses like yours with customised supply chain solutions. 

We offer the following packages that are customised to reflect your operational needs and work both as stand alone systems and seamlessly integrate with each other:

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Tip 2: Have A 360 Degree View

The ability to have a complete overview of everything from initial stock purchasing, through to proof of delivery to customers and all other touch points in between is imperative if you want to be able to handle any form of disruption to your supply chain.

Full visibility of the lifecycle of your business processes at any given moment empowers you with the ability to forecast potential issues and put remedies in place to prevent them becoming larger problems down the line. It also enables you to quickly understand the impacts of disruptions when they do hit, so you can promptly address the fall out to minimise the damage and clearly communicate to relevant stakeholders, including customers and suppliers, as needed.

The best way to get this 360 degree view of your operation is to streamline your logistics software so it all functions on the same platform. 

Tip 3: Enable Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is key to navigating any disruption.

If you don’t have a direct connection with your team and subcontractors, it can be difficult to ensure they are all working together and willing to help where necessary in the event of an unforeseen issue. If you do not know who’s responsible for what or if there is overlap between roles and responsibilities, this can lead to confusion and things either being late or going missing. Ultimately this will lead to wasted time, money and dissatisfied customers, employees and suppliers.

Clear Communication 

In order to avoid any miscommunications, it is essential that all members of your network are connected with each other in real time on the same platform through an easy-to-use interface which enables them to see what’s going on across the entire supply chain at all times. 

Logistics Software designed specifically for your industry, with highly customised features to suit your business needs is the perfect tool for this, enabling you to collaborate with all of your business partners from one place. 

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