It’s often the case that business owners think their Transport and Logistics software is ‘getting the job done’. But, these days ‘getting the job done’ isn’t enough.

If you want to remain competitive, your logistics and transport software needs to be able to effectively gather and use data from your network to power your services accurately and quickly. It’s also essential that supplier and carrier collaboration can happen clearly and easily.

Modern logistics software will drastically increase capacity, productivity and efficiency in your business, and provide you with powerful data insights. These benefits will improve your customer experience and boost your business bottom line.

Let’s explore three common signs that the time has come to modernise your logistics software:

  • Sign 1: You Don’t Know Where Your Items Are
  • Sign 2: Your Software Isn’t Adaptable
  • Sign 3: Outgoing Costs Are Swallowing Your Profits

Sign 1: You Don’t Know Where Your Items Are

Can you quickly and easily locate exactly where your items are in the order or delivery process within your supply chain setup? If not, it’s a sure sign that you need to update your logistics and transport software. 

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible for customers to find out where their orders are almost immediately. Being able to know the precise status of what they have ordered is important to many customers and the reality is, your competitors are able to provide them with this information within a few clicks.

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Solution: Infocomm’s Integrated TMS and WMS Systems

At Infocomm, our Transport Management Software (TMS) integrates flawlessly with our leading Warehouse Management System (WMS). This powerful combination will enable you to know what is where immediately at any given time, from ordering through to final delivery.

These solutions also integrate with handheld proof of delivery sign on glass computers, which enables every pick-up and delivery update to be available in your central system right away every time. Whether you have a couple of delivery vehicles in one location, or a fleet spanning multiple sites across the country, the transport and warehouse software is easy to use and highly customisable to your operational needs.

This combined system can also enable automated customer notifications to provide them with up to the minute updates of when their order has been received, picked, packed, and dispatched. Combined with the TMS, notifications will include updates of when the delivery vehicle is on its way to them, so your customers will never miss a beat.

Sign 2: Your Software Isn’t Adaptable

If the global pandemic has shown business owners anything, it’s that adaptability is paramount. And your business can only be as adaptable as the systems supporting it.

Modernised transport software is highly adaptable and can ensure that you can access data whenever you want and always be ready to try out new ideas. 

Having accurate data at your fingertips enables you to make swift decisions that will support your customer experience, staff, and ability to meet ever changing demands in your industry. Better still, the latest software will allow you to identify opportunities that can benefit your customers and handle any issues before they even know about them. 

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Solution: Purpose Built Logistics Software

Infocomms’s supply chain software solutions are purpose built for industry and will be customised to your specific business needs from the day it is installed. 

Built on market leading Microsoft technology, it is highly adaptable and integrates seamlessly with handheld scanning devices and customised warehouse management software systems. Using cloud-based technology, you can access data anywhere that you have a Wi-Fi network or access to data. Onsite, on the road or working remotely.

As well as this, there’s no risk of it becoming outdated, with the tailor-made solution being flexible to grow with your changing business requirements over time. 

Sign 3: Outgoing Costs Are Swallowing Your Profits

Transporting freight is a significant outgoing expense. Cutting costs where possible is vital to ensure your business can survive, grow, and thrive. By investing in the latest TMS, drastic cost reductions are possible.

Inventory and associated handling costs are also a profit killer. By integrating a customised TMS with a compatible warehouse management system, you will be empowered to reduce your inventory for slower moving items, and hold those that you know will turnover. With high accuracy, you’ll no longer need ‘safety stock’, which can be hard to shift and wastes your budget and storage space.  

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Solution: Data is Key

Infocomm’s Transport Management Software enables you to run profitability analysis by vehicle, consignment, or lane. It tracks and stores data on all the work performed by your vehicles, which can help you to understand what can be done to make business more profitable.  

Infocomm’s Leading Logistics Software Solution

It’s clear that working with outdated supply chain software can have a detrimental impact on your business success. By investing in tailor-made solutions that can adapt to the needs of your business, you will be able to remain competitive, relevant, and viable.

Infocomm has over 30 years of experience supporting the logistics industry with the most advanced Microsoft tools to build our Transport Management Software. Our solutions come with ongoing partnership and support from our team to yours. Contact our team of experts to find out how we can transform your business.