If anyone were to design a pressure test to expose a business’s pain points or areas for improvement, then the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns certainly provided the opportunity to take that test.  

Multiple times.  

For warehouse and logistics-based businesses, the trucks didn’t stop. While other organisations closed indefinitely or moved to remote working, freight operations were under the pump and continue to be. The essentials, and the luxuries, were delivered to our door’s day in, day out. 

Notice your processes and systems under strain at certain points?  

Not running as smoothly as you’d like? 

While supply chains have become a great deal more sophisticated over the years, there’s many operations running on outdated systems that are letting them down. 

Let’s take a look at: 

  • Benefits of using quality Transport Management Software  
  • The power of integrated systems 
  • I don’t have an I.T department, this all sounds too complicated… 
  • Ready to transform your business? 
Transport Management Systems, Wholesale Distribution Software

Benefits of Using Quality Transport Management Software 

You may already be using a TMS system for your business. If it is an ‘off the shelf’ program, it is likely that it won’t provide you with the same level of performance as other options on the market. 

There are many benefits to integrating a quality freight management system into your set-up. Let’s take a look at the top three game changers: 

Benefit 1: Customised to Your Unique Business Needs 

Designed specifically for your industry, we tailor our TMS software so it does exactly what you need it to. We have combined over 30 years of experience supporting the logistics industry, with the most advanced Microsoft tools to build it. This has allowed us to develop a system that can be completely customised to meet your specific business, tech and customer needs. 

Many generic ‘logistics management systems’ will come with a load of features that sound great, but you may never use. On the other hand, there will almost always be functions that you could greatly benefit from, that the program doesn’t even offer.  

Ultimately, an off the shelf package is only going to take you so far in terms of support. Given it’s the same ‘off the shelf’ systems your competitors are using, it will also mean you have no real competitive advantage. 

Infocomm’s Transport Management System offers: 

  • Consignment management 
  • Manifest planning 
  • Proof of delivery (sign on glass) 
  • Flexible report writer 
  • Profitability analysis by vehicle, by consignment or by lane 
  • Flawless integration with our leading Warehouse Management Software

By ensuring your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is customised you will reap the rewards including increased productivity for the entire operation, improved processes across the business. In doing so, you will be giving your business the competitive edge in what is likely to be a highly competitive market place. 

Benefit 2: Seamless Integration 

The Transport Management Software created by Infocomm is a Microsoft platform based solution that can easily slot in with your existing platforms and systems.  

It is user-friendly and can be accessed by whoever you want within your operation.  

If you want to further increase the productivity of your business, you can also take advantage of our quality warehouse management system (WMS) and wholesale distribution software. Both of these platforms have been built on the same platform as the TMS, meaning they can talk to each other and function seamlessly. We’ll cover this in more detail shortly. 

Benefit 3: Highly Adaptable 

The third top benefit of a quality transport management system is their adaptability. Regardless of if you are running a single warehouse with one truck, through multiple locations and large consignment fleets, the software will accommodate your requirements. 

The other power punch is that as your operation grows or changes over time, the TMS can easily adapt to suit. This removes the need for you to change to new software, learn new programs and train staff as the business increases in size and output.  

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Transport Management Systems

Additional Benefits of a Quality TMS  

  • Reduced freight expenses 
  • Improved customer service 
  • Automation of processes previously done manually 
  • Increased profitability of your trucks, routes and jobs 
  • Transparency for customers (track and trace in real time) 
  • Auto alerts to customers for job updates 
  • Integration with barcode scanners, GPS tracking systems and proof of delivery 
  • Integration with advanced route optimisation software. 

The Power of Integrated Systems 

Once you have your transportation management system in place, there is also the opportunity to consider integrating it with your warehousing management system.  

Integrating your Transport Management System with the warehousing arm of your operation can truly transform your business.  

By installing both a quality TMS and WMS on the same platform, you will save yourself and your staff a great deal of time and money and streamline the overall operation. 

Some of the additional benefits being: 

  • Reduced errors 
  • Increased productivity  
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Easier Staff management. 

Other devices can also be integrated into your TMS and WMS to further streamline your supply chain process. Electronic proof of delivery is a great example of this. By introducing a solid system that integrates with the TMS and WMS you and your customers will be able to track the full life cycle from item purchase through to delivery. 

Wholesale Distribution Software, Transport Management Systems

I Don’t Have an I.T. Department, This Sounds Too Complicated… 

We hear you – most of our clients don’t. That’s where we come in. Unlike our competitors, we see the implementation as the start of the relationship – not the destination.  We’ll make implementation easy so you can benefit from the clearer streamlined operations sooner. We’ll also make sure your Infocomm consulting team for the implementation of the TMS, is the same consultant team providing you and your business ongoing support. 

In Short 

Having a quality TMS integrated into your operation will enhance your administrative and operational efficiencies, whilst meeting the needs of your customers. This results in financial and time savings and an increase in productivity and overall organisation of your operation.  

Don’t go for a generic ‘one size fits all’ software package when you can have a tailored approach that specifically meets the unique needs of your business, is easy to implement and comes with an ongoing partnership to provide you and your team with ongoing support.  

Ready to Transform Your Business and Make Dramatic Long-Term Savings? 

If the last two years have highlighted some pressure points in your business that you’d like to solve for, we can help. With over 30 years of industry knowledge in transport and ERP software we know what we’re doing and we do it well. 

Infocomm is a leading provider of Transport, Warehouse and Supply Chain ERP management software across Australia and New Zealand. We develop user-friendly end-to-end solutions based on Microsoft Windows architecture and we pride ourselves on knowing from experience what it takes to deliver leading solutions for our customers. 

Contact the team at Infocomm to discuss how we can help you transform your business.